Our Approach

  1. Initial meeting

  2. An initial meeting is entirely at our expense and without obligation. It is where we begin to get to know one another and gives you the opportunity to evaluate whether we are the right company for you. We establish your objectives and priorities and explain how we could help you achieve them. If you are happy to we can then move on to the next stage.

  3. Information gathering

  4. This may form part of your initial meeting or may be a second meeting, dependent on how you would like to procced, and your individual situation. At this stage, we will complete a detailed fact find, establishing all aspects of your financial and personal situation to enable us to provide the right advice for you as an individual. As part of this, we will ask you to complete a risk profile questionnaire to establish how you feel about investment risk. During this meeting, we would outline the costs and agree a fee with you before moving on to the next stage.

  5. Research, Review and Analysis

  6. We can then begin our full research and analysis stage. If you have existing plans in place and the Letter of Authority to contact your providers has been completed by yourself, we will contact the providers to gather full details on any existing plans to establish their suitability for you. As every client is individual, we will begin our research based on what we have learnt about you, your financial objectives and aspirations. It is at this stage that we form our personalised recommendations for you.

  7. Recommendation meeting

  8. We can then meet again to present our recommendations to you, or in some complex cases, fine tune our recommendations following further discussions with you.

  9. Implementation

  10. Once you are happy with our recommendations we will begin implementing the recommended strategy and complete all necessary paperwork.

  11. Review and ongoing service

  12. Implementing the agreed strategy is only the beginning of the process; regular reviews ensure that your financial goals and aspirations continue to be met.