Pensure Cairn Wealth Management

Pensure Financial Management believe that best results are achieved for clients by a careful selection of top performing funds, regularly reviewed to form an investment portfolio.

Pensure Cairn is our wealth management service offering 7 risk graded investment portfolios. The component funds in these portfolios are carefully selected at outset and are reviewed every quarter to assess their ongoing suitability for the portfolio.

These portfolios are available within tax wrappers such as pension plans, ISAs, or Collective Accounts and are available through the use of electronic platforms, which also enables clients to view their portfolios online at any time.

The use of an investment platform offers over 3,000 funds from which the best performing funds can be selected and reviewed. Portfolio funds are selected by using a series qualitative filters and a series of performance measures along with quantative tests to determine the composition of the portfolios.

A quarterly review is undertaken to ensure that funds continue to be performing well and continue to meet the required standards. The underlying asset allocation of the portfolios is also reviewed to ensure that economic macro trends are reflected with a view to maximising portfolio performance. Clients are advised of portfolio changes and portfolios with Clients Agreement are adjusted at the annual review to reflect this process and the changes made.